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TRP Parts – An Affordable Alternative to OE Parts

TRP is your truck and trailer parts partner who knows parts like you know the road. A growing customer base Australia-wide are choosing TRP Parts for their reliable range of quality, warranty-backed parts for all makes of trucks and trailers.

Proudly under the PACCAR umbrella, they continue their nationwide roll-out of stores, becoming one of the fastest-growing parts outlets in the country.

TRP now operates four stores across Australia, all offering a quality, affordable alternative to OEM parts.  TRP Parts are also available from the Kenworth and DAF dealership network, supported by the PACCAR Parts Distribution Centres in Melbourne and Brisbane.

What began as a single outlet in South Australia has now grown to include four dedicated TRP stores nationally and 53 PACCAR Parts stores all stocking the brand.  The Australian TRP stores join an international network of 170 TRP stores worldwide.

Affordable alternative to OE parts

Leveraging from the core competencies of its parent business TRP is able to offer an affordable alternative to OE parts without sacrificing quality or PACCAR’s rigorous testing.  The products are targeted to an all makes market, where quality and affordability are top of mind to owner/operators or fleet managers.  The business is proud of its commitment to maintaining unrivalled customer satisfaction, a distinction earned by ensuring consistent availability and strict quality control. To back this, TRP Parts offer a 12-month hassle-free warranty on all parts sold.

A visit to the TRP store will prove invaluable for those looking to forge a relationship with a proven and reliable alternative that retains the backing of one of the industry’s heavyweights.

TRP® Reman Steering Gear Range

TRP are pleased to announce the launch of the TRP Reman Steering Gear range to the market.

TAS65205A TRP Power Steering Gear10CS0025 TRP Reman Steering Column

TRP Reman Steering Gears are not just rebuilt, but completely remanufactured using Genuine TRW Parts.  Each Steering Gear is remanufactured to strict guidelines that adhere to the ZF/TRW standard for OEM specifications.

Remanufacturing is completed by Complete Steering Australia (CSA), the only TRW agent in Australia and New Zealand who have access to Genuine TRW parts.

So what’s the difference between “remanufactured” and “rebuilt”?

Remanufactured means a steering gear has been fully broken down into its parts components and each part is cleaned and inspected. If the housing is in excellent condition, it is used again. The same then goes for each individual component. If it is in near new condition then it’s used again, if not it’s replaced with genuine TRW parts.  All remanufactured gears include a new sector shaft and bearing as well.  The steering gear is then inspected and tested to meet OEM specifications and performance.

“Rebuilt or ‘exchange’ steering gears are sold by rebuilders that don’t have access to genuine components.  Rebuilt steering gears focus only on fixing a problem with the steering gear and usually don’t include any servicing of the complete unit.  The faulty part is removed and in most cases replaced with a second-hand part that’s already at half its service life and extracted from a used steering gear” says Marcus Dunn, Senior Product Manager for TRP Reman Steering Gear Range.

TRP can offer a genuine, remanufactured steering gear and when it comes to steering parts, TRP never compromises on quality or safety.

In addition to Reman Steering gears, TRP recently launched the Reman Steering Gear Column program, further growing the list of steering products under the TRP brand.  Complete Steering Australia also remanufactures the TRP steering columns, ensuring every column is remanufactured to OEM specifications and tested to meet industry standards.  In addition, all TRP Reman Steering Columns are upgraded with a modification to dampen excessive vibration, rattling and movement in the column shaft.

All TRP Reman Steering Gears and columns are covered by a 12-month hassle-free warranty.

For more information or to enquire on stock availability, please contact your local dealer.