TRP Shoe Shine

Not all Brake Shoes are Created Equal

Rigorously tested to the highest industry standards, TRP Parts is committed to delivering to market warranty-backed brake systems for all makes of trucks and trailers.

Seasonal changes bring new challenges in operating conditions for road transport companies. Weather events can arrive suddenly with little warning in Australia where drivers are no stranger to the heightened experience of flash floods, dust storms, cyclonic rainfall and extremes of heat. Having top quality, certified brake shoes like those made by TRP provides confidence for the end-user for whom the safest practice is not only best practice but also a non-negotiable.

Inferior linings on brake shoes can result in premature wear and ruinous overheating to which brake fading, costly repairs and damage to brake components are very much a fact of life. TRP’s range of brake products is independently tested to meet and exceed internationally recognised standards.

Backed by a 12-month unlimited-kilometre warranty against manufacturing defects, TRP brake shoes have been specifically designed to remain stable throughout a wide operating temperature, provide safe and secure heavy vehicle braking and stand up against any aftermarket brake shoe when it comes to quality, durability and performance.  

TRP Brake Shoes are available in either 21K gross axle weight rating (GAWR) or 23K GAWR.  The main difference between 21K and 23K linings is the lining formula and application.  As a rule of thumb, most on-highway truck and trailer applications can use a 21K GAWR lining, whilst more heavy-duty linehaul and vocational applications such as construction, refuse and heavy-haul should use a 23K GAWR lining.

TRP214707QP standard lining
TRP214707QP (Standard Lining)

TRP brake shoes are all independently tested to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121 otherwise more commonly known as the FMVSS 121.

TRP brake shoes, where applicable, are also certified to ECE R90, making it the only supplier of brake shoes to be awarded with both standards. As Australian vehicle standards only cover the fully dressed axle, it is vital that TRP conducts its own independent testing.

FMVSS 121 and ECE R90 certifications are both globally recognised and at TRP, we are very proud of the performance on both the 21K and 23K linings.  There are a lot of brake shoes in the market that are inferior quality and drivers should consider such testing when weighting up aftermarket brake products for their truck or trailer.

TRP also conducted FMVSS 121 testing on other aftermarket and OEM equivalent linings to see how the TRP brake shoe lining compared.  The testing showed that the TRP lining performed very similar to the OEM across each of the three tests that are performed.

When comparing the recovery performance, for example, the TRP lining is comparable to the OEM performance on PSI performance and even stays cooler than the OEM during the recovery period.  A cooler lining means less fade and better braking performance.

Drivers who are unsure which lining type to use should speak to their local service department to help identify the best lining for the respective application. For more information, refer to the Product Guide “TRP Brake Shoes – What’s Stopping You?”.

All TRP products come with a 12-month hassle-free warranty and are available at 4 dedicated TRP stores and across 53 PACCAR Parts dealerships nation-wide.

To see how TRP brake shoes performed in the tests, visit the TRP Range Guide here.